Thursday, July 5, 2007

July Breeze

I have somewhat embraced the Tamil song ‘June Ponal’ from ‘Unnale Unnale’ and written down this song. I’ve removed some Indian elements in the song and added Western flavor. I replaced rain with sunshine, Ram with Jesus etc. Just you can sing in the same tune! The music is copy from "Blue - AllRise".

When June goes, July wind blows
When eyes meet, love breeze flows!
Flowers bloom to spill sweet honey
And girls see to loot your money!

What goes wrong? Can’t understand!
Why goes on? Can’t take a stand!
Friendship is on, love goes away!
When friends are gone, love takes its way!

Past has gone in a rocket – and the
Future is not in your pocket, only
This day is your day, you set your target!

Hey you! World is not a set back,
It’s waiting for your playback,
Pay back! Baby!

Verse 1:
Can the sunshine through your ceiling?
Open your door with cheers and yelling!
This whole planet is your playground.
Stars are shining in the background!

Wash out the stains on the silver moon,
Wipe out your tears and come out soon!
When you smile life becomes a boon!

Verse 2:
Be frank and open your mind.
Smile for everything you can find.
When you’re in love be a poet!
But girls are poison, I can prove it!

Love started long before with Adam and Eve,
It changed so bad you can’t even believe.
There’s only one Jesus and nobody else!

You can use this lyrics under the following conditions:
1. None of the content should be changed or edited.
2. You should not claim it's authorship.

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