Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome – Reviewed


I am always an Opensource supporter. In no way I can give the same respect and credits I give Firefox. I hate IE 6 or IE 7 for that case anything from Windows, the capitalists! Now comes another one. Google! I start this article as I start downloading the Chrome browser in my machine. When I post this in my blog, I will do it in Chrome. That’s the deal! But for sure I will be with Firefox forever!

How It Came?

When I was in office, I got a mail saying Google’s browser is going to hit the market. I thought it is another Google hoax. But when I opened my browser today, It was a surprise for me to see that it is “Sad but true” (not Metallica’s). Firefox had and has a good relationship with Google. Google even promoted Firefox by some means. But moneymakers have little or no heart. They can’t tolerate anyone’s growth. With IE and Safari backed by multi-billion enterprises, Mozilla proved itself being opensource and non-profitable organization. Now we all know IE and Safari lack a lot in features and performance while Firefox and Opera innovate everyday something new and make browsing much faster, enjoyable and customizable. Google just took some features from Firefox, some from Opera, some look and feel from Safari. Nothing to boast yourself Google!

Some In-No-Way-tions

  1. Google thinks it is them who have first combined search with address bar. But it is not so, even IE has that option. Only difference is they have integrated Google Suggest here. This may seem to be innovative for broadband or High-speed internet users. But not for dial-up or GPRS users like me. Moreover, if the proxy server we use needs authentication, then you’re gone. You’ll be asked authentication for each letter you type! Hears hell?
  2. The setup file cannot be downloaded. You can only download a stupid application of some 474KB. I wondered whether they have really made it that much light-weight! When I double clicked, it started to download the main application. Really annoying. Why I have to download a 474KB application to download their main application? My Mozilla browser can do that download. This remains me why I quit using Y! Messenger. Another thing to note is that, if I have to install this browser in another PC, then I have to download it again. With slow-connections it is the very annoying part. Why can’t they provide the freedom of having a setup-file backup with us? Are they afraid of reverse engineering?
  3. They have beheaded the browser. Yes! They have removed Title bar and drop-down menus. That is really sick. Tabs and thumbnail concepts are copied from Firefox and Opera respectively.
  4. I see no noticeable difference in speed.
  5. Some sites are not rendered properly.
  6. No API support baby! You can’t develop plug-ins!
  7. If you select something and give Ctrl+C, it will be copied to clipboard. That is usual. But Chrome has come up with a new feature! If you select nothing and give Ctrl+C, whatever you had in clipboard is gone!
  8. The blocked pop-up is shown at bottom, which you’ll miss if the website is with a blue theme. The status bar overlaps the pop-up alert. While the pop-up alert in turn overlaps the horizontal scroll bar.
  9. To display all the recently used sites as thumbnails is not a good idea. You may be using Orkut in office or you may be a porn surfer. When you close the tab suddenly when someone comes, you’ll be get caught when you open a new tab. The thumbnail will betray you buddy! Be a bit careful about it!
  10. I was unable to start a download from an MP3 download website.
  11. I won’t render pdf files in the browser.

What I like

  1. To read texty sites like “Wikipedia”, this is so good. It uses almost all the space in screen for rendering the site.
  2. Blue shades used everywhere looks nice for me! But I think they should make the color a customizable one. Not everyone in this blue-pearl loves blue!
  3. It renders my mother-tongue Tamil properly, which some browsers won’t.
  4. Recently closed tab, though it is a demerit for web-abusers, I find it useful.
  5. The download is ok, but needs some improvements like, once you close the small download bar at bottom you can’t get it back.
  6. Starts faster than other browsers.


As I already told you, I will never praise any corporal products if there is an opensource alternate for it. Chrome is yet another browser with not so unique features. For any kind of web-user, it is not as versatile as Firefox. Still you can download and try it yourself to find the truth.