Sunday, October 26, 2008

Abortion – (Adults Only)


I am wondering about the ban on smoking in public places and it’s effectiveness on public health. Even though the ban is just a partial one, it doesn’t cover roads, streets, houses, cars etc. Then I started thinking the positive side of the ban. Even if only one smoker, quits, he will live 5 to 10 years extra than his previously destined life-span. That is a good move by Government and Health Ministry. It is true. Smoking reduces the life expectancy of a healthy adult from 5 to 15 years. But why the hell the Government and the Health minister are silent about the evil, hellish, demonic, abortion which causes instant death and wipes out the entire life-expectancy of an unborn child? By abortion, I mean intentional abortion not accidental miscarriages. Abortion in India is on rise constantly and more horrific is the truth that sex-selective abortions are practiced widely than in any other nation. Moreover, the smoker chooses to smoke on his own and he is causing a slow damage at his own risk to his own body. But abortion is a very serious crime and cold-blooded murder (pictures in this link are so graphic not suitable for children, pregnant, weak-hearted and psychologically unstable people.) It is someone who decides to take the life of an unborn child which has the right to live!

Is Abortion Sin?

If someone asks me this question, I will just give him a low-blow and reply “Yes, you bloody ba$+@r&!” How dare anyone can ask whether killing an innocent child is sin or not? If killing a full grown adult is sin, if killing a person in coma who cannot counter your actions is sin, if killing a 90 years old granny is sin, then what about killing an unborn child which deserves to be born, eat, grow, live, reproduce and enjoy life? Why the Government which punishes other murderers, leave the cruel devils who murder unborn children?

Some Arguments for Abortion and Solutions

  1. Economic reason – If your economy is so bad, you should not have married or you should have saved your semen you fool.
  2. It is a girl child – I think you have to kill your mom and wife before killing you own child. They are also women, right? Or else just emasculate yourself. It is your sperm which decided the gender of your child.
  3. The child is illegitimate – Not the child but you. Let the child be born, and then both biological parents should be hanged.
  4. The child is a rape victim’s – Let the child live with its mother if she wills or let it be adopted by couples longing for a child.
  5. Child bearing is painful (feminist approach) – Then why you allowed your hymen to be torn. Was that not painful?
  6. Child bearing takes the freedom from my life (feminist approach) – Then why you gave someone the freedom to 'do' you?
  7. The child birth may cost the mother’s life – Try to save both. Doctors! You are not paid for saving any one of them but both. Try till last moment. If you can’t then let someone who can try!
  8. The child is mentally retarded or handicapped or with some other serious medical condition – Let the child be born. Let us treat it and serve it as much as we can. Who is the most retarded? A child with small brain or an adult who knows that abortion is murder but still supports it?
  9. We, the parents don’t like to have child – I don’t like to see you both. Shall I kill you?
  10. I like the feeling of getting aborted. (or) I love to perform abortion. Mmmm… I love it – Some serious mental problem. Consult a psychiatrist.

Am I Supporting Smoking?

No! Never. But I ask why the Health Minister, who is so much concerned about evil effects of smoking is not saying a word against abortion? Every year smoking kills nearly 1 million people in India. But abortion kills 6.7 million children every year in India. Can you see why I am getting that much irritated with abortion? If the Government is so good that it cares about 1 million people who knowingly compromise their health for pleasure of smoking, why the Government and the so called “good” Health Minister are not caring about the murder of 6.7 million Indians, who can grow in to scientists, jawans, doctors, IAS, IPS etc?

What My Religion Says?

I believe in Bible and Christianity. Bible clearly condemns child-sacrifice. Only evil gods or demons demand for children to be sacrificed. As we are in modern world, these demons have no option to satisfy their hunger for human blood except through abortion, terrorism and violent riots. You can see what the Bible and Christians believe about abortion by clicking here, here, here (Catholic) or here, here and here (Protestant). Any Christian who even thinks that abortion is not sin is heading towards hell. Jesus will never allow in to Heaven, the people who plan to kill the life which He creates.

Conclusion and Prayer

In India we talk about right to speech, right to express, right to vote, right to get information etc. But we fail to give the RIGHT TO LIVE for 6.7 million children every year. Isn’t this 'funny'? Why the Government and Health minister act like caring the public by banning smoking but allow 6,700,000 of Indians die every year in the name of abortion? Abortion is State-sponsored terrorism. It is crime, murder, inhuman, idiotic, psychotic, evil stupid, demonic, devilish, hellish, horrific, worse than all crimes combined. We all must protest by writing, speaking, acting and voting against the supporters of abortion.

Let us pray. Dear Jesus, we understand that each and every life is created by You specially. We understand that life begins from the very moment of conception. We also know that killing a human life is a mortal sin. We pray for those murderer doctors and parents who kill those innocent children. Jesus, You open their eyes and show them the intensity of their sin. Let them repent and turn to You for forgiveness. Lord, with your Hand, protect those little ones from evil In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD. -Leviticus 18:21

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