Saturday, October 11, 2008

Artists I Love To Hear Often

While sitting at the window seat in a crowded bus or while getting crushed in a crowded train, I take one medicine with me always. Music… It redefines me. It makes me breath. It pacifies my mind sometimes while sometimes the same makes me a rogue. But I don’t care. I am sure that there are many people who label music evil. Most of them misunderstand religion and music. For example some Christian website claims that music is a satanic ritual and evil in nature. I ask them: “Why King David played harp and sang Psalms? How many poems are there in Bible and how many times the Bible calls the faithful people to sing praise to Lord with harps, trumpets and claps?” I don’t know what bothers them about music. But surely I find music as an integral part of worship.

When I started to hear music, as like other people I heard Pop first, then Slow Rock, then Rap, then Rock and at last Metal. Now a days I look down at Pop and Rap except few songs. Main reason is they involve in little or no instruments played. They just loop some tracks and that’s all. That is not what we want right? Here I produce you with albums I love the most. Top 25 of the albums of various genres and the reason why I love.

Shenba’s Ranking

25. 50 Cent – I’m really in doubt whether I still love this or not
24. Eminem – Hmmm… Ok for its self-hatred themes
23. Michael Learns to Rock – Nice to hear when it is really peaceful
22. Backstreet Boys – They are the reason behind Deva’s success
21. Michael Jackson – This is the album I first listened to
20. Westlife – Really amazing melodies. I tried chords for the first time with “My Love”
19. Blue – Bit ok. But the band is no more. He… He…
18. Enrique Iglesias – This guy often sing on love failure. I just wanna forget!
17. AC-DC – “Whiskey On The Rocks!” I love both song and the thing.
16. Led Zeppelin – Sufi mystic music + African traditional music + etc = Rock!
15. Pink Floyd – Pink is a bad color
14. Iron Maiden – Dark themes but good music. They offend my religion a lot!
13. Linkin Park – Themes are real good. But they rely mainly on power chords.
12. Men at Work – Nice style which I love to hear again and again
11. Guns N Roses – Slash, Axel Rose etc… But they've spoiled a lot
10. Queen – I love these guys. But not in Freddy’s way!
9. Nirvana – Kurt, you are no more :'-( But your music still lives :-)
8. Rolling Stones – I don’t know how they came up with such vast varieties.
7. Bryan Adams – Canadians can also make it!
6. Santana – This guy is one of the reasons for my interest in guitar. Even before I knew his name, I was a fan of him.
5. Eric Clapton – His life history and his songs. Both are very touching.
4. Aerosmith – No Comments.
3. Def Leppard – They are the kind of 80’s. They are very compelling to hear.
2. Bon Jovi – The first Rock band I heard. It dates really far back.
1. U2 & Metallica – You may wonder why I choose two entirely different bands for first place. When I am in a good mood, U2 cherish my mind and fortifies my faith in Jesus with their unique style. The Edge’s peculiar guitar and Bono’s voice with good percussion and bass. One, Yahweh, With or Without You, Love is Blindness are some of my favorites. On the other hand, when I’m angry with myself or with society, Metallica is my company. I love all of Metallica's current and past band memebers. If you still haven't heard about Metallica, you can consult an ENT. Their songs are like a dose of testosterone straight in to your brain. One, Fade To Black, My Friend Of Misery, I Disappear, The Unforgiven, The Unforgiven III are some of my all time favorites. Both bands have sung Thin Lizzy's version of "Whiskey in the Jar"!

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