Friday, January 8, 2010

Wanted: Patriotism

I was reading newspaper sometime back. I was shocked by the news about fake currency notes printed in Pakistan and circulated in India. Why some Indians join hands with such foreign powers to destroy their own Mother Land?

Reason 1: Lack of Education

These people lack education. Not the one given in school. They are not educated by the Government and by fellow citizens about what means to be an Indian. This first and most important problem can be addressed by having more lessons about Secular values and activities to showcase patriotism.

Reason 2: Poverty

This can be fixed by fellow Indians who earn comparatively higher. I’m not calling for Socialism. But we should fight poverty and hunger. If we give them their needs and make them feel comfortable in this country, they won’t allow themselves carried away from craps like terrorism and separatism.

Reason 3: Discrimination

We should not discriminate our fellow Indians even to the smallest level. If there is one small gap, those foreign entities will first insert their dirty fingers, then their hand and then their ugly heads to divide this Nation.

Reason 4: Lack of Understanding

Even if we do all the above things, there may be some who can be exploited by these foreign powers. If they cause any harm to the nation, we should be able to talk in one voice and act in one direction. If we don’t, from that point itself the victory of enemies starts. We should understand each other and realize that we have common goals and hopes. Every Indian should be a potential spy. If some foreign power approach them with a dark agenda, then we should inform to police or Government authorities about that. We should not be carried away by empty promises of the enemies.

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