Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grains From Water


Fish is one of the precious gift of nature to the mankind. Fish is the healthiest meat one can ever imagine. Lowest calories, high good-cholesterol, omega-3 fatty acids etc. As my father grew up working in dried-fish shop apart from the time he spent in school or college, he knows almost all edible fish, how they taste, best method to cook a particular type of fish etc. (Naturally I got those genes inherited) I asked him which fish he like the most? His answer was none. Because he liked a particular part of fish which is almost common in all fish.

Fish Egg-sac:

Fish egg-sac was his answer for that. I asked him what it will taste like. He called one of his student who’s brother is a fisherman. Within an hour he dispatched us two large Catla fish. My father started to cut the fish. He removed two yellow colored sacs from their bellies. He asked my mom to prepare it in the way she likes (as she also is a great fan of it). She made a delicious fish curry with the head and tail parts along with the egg-sac. After the curry was ready, my dad asked me to taste it.

How it Tasted?

It is really the best taste one can imagine. It was somewhat grainy and at the same time it was tender. I pretended that I dislike so that my mom and dad can have their shares too. In the evening we were enjoying the dry fried fish and chit-chatting. I admitted that it was the best taste one can expect from below the surface of water.

Wanna Try?

Here is a fast recipe for you. You should be lucky enough to get carrying fish by chance or you have to befriend some fishermen to get assuredly carrying fish. After the initial rituals of scrapping the scales and slitting the belly, carefully remove the egg sacs without breaking. Rinse them in water. Fry some onion in pan with few drops of oil. When the onion turns golden, add the sacs and few turmeric powder, salt and grated chilies. Stir with care. It will be ready sooner than you think as it cooks really fast. When the sacs turn bit stiff, they are ready. They taste better in fish curry. But for those who can’t make or don’t know to make curry, this is a handy method to try this great taste.


Unlike the vegetarians who eat the grains and waste the plants, non-vegetarians consume both the grain and the plant(read fish). This is how we should value life.

Lamb Liver Barbeque


During rainy seasons, all we need is a good immune system and strength to face the seasonal flu and colds. Lamb Liver Barbeque is not a vaccination for flu or cold, it can make you strong enough so that you can barely sense the effects of the flu or cold.


Got to a butcher shop nearby and buy 100g of lamb liver (better if you know the butcher, as they won’t sell liver separately in most shops). Cut the liver in to large cubes. Marinate with salt and pepper. Each cube should be covered with pepper on all sides. Let the mix still for ½ an hour. You may need a fresh bicycle wheel spoke for barbequing.


If you got a charcoal stove it is better. Or you can go for a gas stove. Arrange the cubes on the spokes and slowly cook it over the flame. Take care that the liver won’t get charred. After the texture of the liver turns stiff and the color becomes dark brown from maroon, the dish is ready.


This is ideal for breakfast. It can be served along with lamb-leg soup and idiyappam. This one will be great combination. Try this if you have a cold. You will feel the change!

Do Plants Create Their Own Food?

Plants theoretically need water, sunlight and carbon-di-oxide to synthesize their food. In practical case, no plant grows with distilled water! They "eat" many other things from soil like dead animals, animal wastes, plant wastes, bacterial byproducts etc to survive. No plant can produce rice or wheat with pure distilled water, CO2 and sunlight! As the law of conservation of energy states, "energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed. If energy disappears in one form, it reappears in another", plants are not exceptional to create something out of nothing!

Now let us consider this. Termites which eat wood or bookworm which eats paper also derive their energy from non living things like the plants which derive their energy from CO2 and H2O. So, if eating plants is "higher morale" as some of our friends pointed out, can eating termites or bookworm also be "high morale"? What is the difference between sugarcane which grows absorbing manure through its roots and a beetle which eats it through mouth? They both consume same food. But eating former is called "high morale" while eating later is called "low morale"! Why?

It is possible to grow a cattle with plant remains and water alone! It is like growing plants with plant remains(natural fertilizers) and water alone. If eating such plant is "high morale" and eating a cattle which consumed the same food as the plant is "low morale" what is the point? People like Peter Singer accuse meat-eaters of "Speciesism" i.e. discrimination between species. But what they do is Speciesism. "Pisum sativum" is no lesser or greater than "Ovis aries". Both should be treated equally. Why they feel ok to kill former and oppose killing the later?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oil That Saves

In USA, you save oil, In Soviet Russia, oil saves you! -Russian Reversal

Hair oil is not made by crushing hairs and engine oil is not made by crushing engines. But cod-liver oil is made from crushing fish liver. Some may feel odd and some may feel sad. But the depression caused due this fact can be cured by the cod-liver oil. Research suggest that cod-liver oil can treat depression.


Some even go insane and psychotic on thinking the process of killing fish and taking its "oil". But the fish oil can cure such psychotic illness too.


Some may even feel heart-broken for the fish. But the fish oil can protect their heart.


And if you get joint pains due to typing long comments to defend "fish life" you can still find the fish-oil useful.


The best way to take fish-oil is not that glassy capsules. Just buy raw fish-oil and have a spoonful daily. That makes your taste-buds drench with that unique taste and flavour of man's natural diet. I still remember chewing cod-liver oil capsules in my school days.

If you want to avoid that, then there is a better option. Eat two to four portions of oily fish a week.