Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grains From Water


Fish is one of the precious gift of nature to the mankind. Fish is the healthiest meat one can ever imagine. Lowest calories, high good-cholesterol, omega-3 fatty acids etc. As my father grew up working in dried-fish shop apart from the time he spent in school or college, he knows almost all edible fish, how they taste, best method to cook a particular type of fish etc. (Naturally I got those genes inherited) I asked him which fish he like the most? His answer was none. Because he liked a particular part of fish which is almost common in all fish.

Fish Egg-sac:

Fish egg-sac was his answer for that. I asked him what it will taste like. He called one of his student who’s brother is a fisherman. Within an hour he dispatched us two large Catla fish. My father started to cut the fish. He removed two yellow colored sacs from their bellies. He asked my mom to prepare it in the way she likes (as she also is a great fan of it). She made a delicious fish curry with the head and tail parts along with the egg-sac. After the curry was ready, my dad asked me to taste it.

How it Tasted?

It is really the best taste one can imagine. It was somewhat grainy and at the same time it was tender. I pretended that I dislike so that my mom and dad can have their shares too. In the evening we were enjoying the dry fried fish and chit-chatting. I admitted that it was the best taste one can expect from below the surface of water.

Wanna Try?

Here is a fast recipe for you. You should be lucky enough to get carrying fish by chance or you have to befriend some fishermen to get assuredly carrying fish. After the initial rituals of scrapping the scales and slitting the belly, carefully remove the egg sacs without breaking. Rinse them in water. Fry some onion in pan with few drops of oil. When the onion turns golden, add the sacs and few turmeric powder, salt and grated chilies. Stir with care. It will be ready sooner than you think as it cooks really fast. When the sacs turn bit stiff, they are ready. They taste better in fish curry. But for those who can’t make or don’t know to make curry, this is a handy method to try this great taste.


Unlike the vegetarians who eat the grains and waste the plants, non-vegetarians consume both the grain and the plant(read fish). This is how we should value life.

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