Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lamb Liver Barbeque


During rainy seasons, all we need is a good immune system and strength to face the seasonal flu and colds. Lamb Liver Barbeque is not a vaccination for flu or cold, it can make you strong enough so that you can barely sense the effects of the flu or cold.


Got to a butcher shop nearby and buy 100g of lamb liver (better if you know the butcher, as they won’t sell liver separately in most shops). Cut the liver in to large cubes. Marinate with salt and pepper. Each cube should be covered with pepper on all sides. Let the mix still for ½ an hour. You may need a fresh bicycle wheel spoke for barbequing.


If you got a charcoal stove it is better. Or you can go for a gas stove. Arrange the cubes on the spokes and slowly cook it over the flame. Take care that the liver won’t get charred. After the texture of the liver turns stiff and the color becomes dark brown from maroon, the dish is ready.


This is ideal for breakfast. It can be served along with lamb-leg soup and idiyappam. This one will be great combination. Try this if you have a cold. You will feel the change!

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