Monday, March 29, 2010

Oil That Saves

In USA, you save oil, In Soviet Russia, oil saves you! -Russian Reversal

Hair oil is not made by crushing hairs and engine oil is not made by crushing engines. But cod-liver oil is made from crushing fish liver. Some may feel odd and some may feel sad. But the depression caused due this fact can be cured by the cod-liver oil. Research suggest that cod-liver oil can treat depression.

Some even go insane and psychotic on thinking the process of killing fish and taking its "oil". But the fish oil can cure such psychotic illness too.

Some may even feel heart-broken for the fish. But the fish oil can protect their heart.

And if you get joint pains due to typing long comments to defend "fish life" you can still find the fish-oil useful.

The best way to take fish-oil is not that glassy capsules. Just buy raw fish-oil and have a spoonful daily. That makes your taste-buds drench with that unique taste and flavour of man's natural diet. I still remember chewing cod-liver oil capsules in my school days.

If you want to avoid that, then there is a better option. Eat two to four portions of oily fish a week.

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