Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cost of Life - It's Different!

When sons of rich Hindi speaking "Indians" were attacked by rouge Australians, there were protests everywhere, there were media outcries. Australian government was made to apologize. But when poor Tamilian fishermen are systematically killed by Srilankan Navy, there is no such reaction in India except by few communal elements which exploited the issue for their own political ends.

What is this? How come a rich "Indian" who wants to study in Australia, abandoning all the colleges and universities in India becomes more important than a poor and hard working Tamil fisherman? Is Tamil Nadu not part of India?

If we take a closer look, these people who move to Australia, do that for their own comfort. They even consider it as a sign of their “high status”. But when they are attacked or robbed by few Australians, then Indian media never fail to label it Racist Attack on Indian students. But our fishermen go in to sea everyday for their livelihood. They risk their life everyday just to feed their family at shore.

Our Tamil fishermen are humiliated, they were stripped naked, shot, their nets damaged, tortured and murdered mercilessly. But there is no such reaction in media or public to the level we received in the case of Australian students or even as in the case of alleged racial attacks on Shipa Shetty or Harbajan Singh.

Don't we have a Navy? Even if we are accepting the Lankan claim of our fishermen crossing in to their sea, don't we have the potential to provide a sea patrol to prevent our fishermen from entering Srilankan region accidentally?

These fishermen are poor. They are comparatively less educated. But they behave in a gentle and acceptable manner even when they protest for this issue. They don't burn buses. They don't take hostages. They don't blast schools and other government buildings. But the government (both central and state) are ready to have dialogs with people who do all the above mentioned things. Examples range from Kashmir violence, Maoists, Telangana riots, Gurj riots etc.

If a citizen of western nation dies, it makes international headlines. There are bigger organizations like PeTA which fights for the cause of "fish". But when it comes to fishermen of Tamil Nadu, nobody cares.

For some political parties, hoisting national flag in a particular place is more important than the life of a fellow national. For someone else, gaining media coverage by “helping” the affected family is the right deed. For some other party, it is barely a news. For me, I have Google given Blogger to vent my anger. What else? What I can do? Is it me, sitting in the safety of my home and writing a blog instead of taking the issue to streets is the root-cause of all the turmoils our fishermen bear?

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Dinesh Kumar D said...

yes.. Earlier they said that the shooting was because of suspected LTTE movements. But now the LTTE being completly vanished, and still these attrocities continue and the state and central government staying mum on this issue is seeming fishy to me..